Jonas Koeksal
Art Direction
Branding Design
Motion Design
As a co - founder of the multi disciplinary collective O MATO, I was taking the lead during both the conceptual development and the following processes. O MATO mainly operates as an event and travel organizer. The O MATO Experience is a new form of social gathering/music festival melding adventure travels, outdoor parties and indigenous traditions in the midst of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. Apart from striving for economic and social improve- ments, one of our main motives is to stand up for ecological commitment and event innovation.
The geographical location of the peninsu- la was a very big influence in the branding process. It is located and the shores of the Rio Negro, which dark brownish waters are – besides other wildlife – home to the pink dolphins known as o boto. Given its abso- lute remote location, the GPS coordinates of the venue were used as the key visual. The illustrative mask represents the glo- bal, international community uniting in one modern tribe.