Jonas Koeksal
Art Direction
Brand Design
Motion Design
In early 2021 the team behind Strandbad Plötzensee tasked me to create a brand for their newly found music venue on the beach. This involved not only designing the brand, but also conceptualising core values, future goals and different target groups, which I accomplished by hosting a brand sprint with the team. The goal was to create a melting pot-type of multi cultural space, which will be accomplished by creating an inclusive city oasis hosting various types of food, drinks, music, and other cultural offerings.
Therefore I created a design system inspired by the shapes of the lake and the sun. A vivid combination of colors and black/white imagery gave the brand its welcoming, yet still historical (almost 100 years) character. Both the logo and the customized font display the „O“ with a change of typography by adding a lake- shaped connection between the letters, which underlines the community character of the brand. Furthermore I shot and edited all the imagery that was used in the communication.