Jonas Koeksal
United We Stream
Art Direction
Motion Design
United We Stream – the solidary response to Covid-19 and the worldwide shutdown of club culture. The successful fundraising campaign for Berlin clubs evolved into a global cultural platform and streaming ini- tiative in the digital space.
In 2022 the team behind UWS was looking to reposition itself as „United We Stream Network“, since its image has stayed the same since its beginning: fundraiser during covid. Now the goal was to create a new strategy for the fresh start which also in- cluded a new website. In cooperation with (Marketing) Thales Santana we outlined a fundamental brand profileto relaunch their brand. Based on that I developed a user experience that allows you to effi- ciently navigate to your goal on the site. Afterwards, it was converted into an inter- face that very much reflects club culture through its dark/orange appearance and loud use of typography. During the pro- cess I also designed a temporary logo and am currently working on an offer for the whole redesign on the brand.