Jonas Koeksal
Sonho do Mato
Art Direction
Motion Design
In 2019 we as O MATO decided to found a record label. Through collaboration with Alexander Einetter from Childhood Intelligence a fruitful process of curating our first vinyl started. We wanted to pay hommage to what we experience at The O MATO Experience in the Amazon together, so the leitmotif of the record should represent a full day in the Rio Negro with us. A compilation going from ambient to smooth Jazz & Library music, evolving to Hip Hop/Breaks/Downtempo and then eventually ending in the night time with House/Techno/Electro.
During the process I was responsible for the concept of the release, musical curation (selecting the tracklist) and art direction (designing the record’s artwork). The key visual is a painting from Rachel Newman. It shows the Australian Cockatoo bird which is endangered, which is why from every sold record 2€ go to Rainforest Rescue (NGO). I designed and layouted the rest of the gatefold Vinyl LP and created multiple assets surrounding the release of the record.